Accent Modification|Transgender Voice

Our Speech Language Pathologists help clients develop effective speaking skills that are fundamental for communicating in the world around them. The advanced training and clinical expertise of our Speech Language Pathologists insures the quality of services we provide and the satisfaction of the clients we serve.

Speech and voice Training for adults

 Your voice and communication style are powerful tools in defining who you are and how the world sees you. Does your voice reflect the real you? Can people easily understand you when you speak? We make judgements about people within a millisecond. How you sound and how well you communicate contribute to first impressions. A negative impression is hard to reverse and can have a lasting impact on professional and personal growth opportunities.



transgender voice and communication

  • For an authentic, acceptable, and safe presentation

  • Clinically guided and mindful of biological constraints

  • Comprehensive training, including:

    • Vocal health

    • Breath support

    • Pitch exploration

    • Resonance, articulation, loudness

    • Intonation and stress

    • Verbal language skills

    • Nonverbal communication: gestures, body language, and facial expression.



accent modification

An accent is a natural part of speaking and tells the listener something about you. Your background. Your culture. Your heritage. But when any accent is hard to understand and communication becomes a problem, it can impact your life.

Our Accent Modification Program is designed to improve the effectiveness of communication by “softening” an accent, not eliminating it. The program targets:

  • Sound production of consonants and vowels

  • Vocabulary and grammar

  • Stress, intonation, and rhythm of speech