We're Experienced Speech Language Pathologists

Purple Cow Therapy (PCT) is an innovative cooperative of independent speech language pathologists, each with specialty expertise, advanced training, and history of therapeutic success. The diverse skills of our providers enable PCT to offer a wide range of services to children and adults that is both convenient and affordable because of a unique service delivery model. We make it work for you in our clinic, at your home, school or business, or even online.

The Purple Cow Team


Julie Behrman

Co-owner and Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, Julie is living her vision of providing quality clinical service based solely on the needs of the client.


Mary Brawley

Co-owner and Adult Speech Language Pathologist, Mary is energized by a clinic environment that is based on compassion, imagination, and results.

“I still have my accent, but I don’t have to repeat myself all the time. People understand me now.”
— -Alex T.


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