Speech|Voice|Swallowing|Chronic Cough

Our Speech Language Pathologists help people develop or recover effective speaking and listening skills that are fundamental for communicating in the world around them. Additionally, they have advanced academic preparation and clinical experience in the identification and treatment of swallowing disorders, focusing on safe and efficient swallowing, vital to maintaining health and preserving the pleasure of eating. Programs for facilitative breathing and reducing chronic cough are available.

Speech and swallowing Therapy for adults


    Swallowing management

    • Individualized training to improve strength and function
    • Compensation learning to make swallowing easier
    • Diet modification to make swallowing safe
    • End of life support for patient, family, caregiver


    chronic cough

    • Learn strategies to minimize throat clearing and cough
    • Reduce sensitivity to environmental and chemical irritants

    Breathing exercises

    • Facilitated exercises to open vocal cords in spasm (Paradoxical Vocal Fold Dysfunction)
    • Diaphragmatic breathing exercises for better breath support


    Mouth opening exercises

    • Systematic approach to mobilizing the jaw and increasing mouth opening


    Voice ergonomics

    • Building vocal stamina
    • Preventing vocal injury



    Tracheoesophageal Puncture (TEP)

    • Online trouble shooting support for TEP voice
    • Online support for neck breathing issues


    transgender voice coaching

    • Exploring an appropriate pitch
    • Training gender-based pragmatics and vocal parameter
    • Addressing nonverbal communication, gestures, body language, and facial expression.



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